Intermodal Trucking in Newport

If you are looking for a trucking company that specializes in intermodal trucking and deliveries, look no further than Newport’s finest at Grace of NC, LLC. With our intermodal delivery services, your cargo will remain as safe as can be for the length of its journey—and that is a promise.

Transport your cargo in one of our durable, truck, train, and ship-friendly containers today. Call (828) 506-3112 to learn a little more about our cost-effective, client-centered shipping services.

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Shipping Made Simple

When businesses and individuals need to transport their items great distances, they want to know that their shipment is in good hands every step of the way. In many cases, however, the further a shipment travels, the harder it can be to keep track of who is handling it. Drivers, laborers, and countless others might load and unload your shipment every time it exchanges hands.

With intermodal shipping solutions like ours, however, professionals only load and unload your intermodal container at the beginning and end of the journey. As the container moves from boat to truck to train, it remains inside the intermodal container.

As many have come to learn, the best way to reap the countless benefits of intermodal trucking is by working with us. When you request our services, you can always expect:

  • Minute-to-minute tracking
  • Excellent logistics services
  • Increased sustainability
  • Cost-effective alternative to truckload shipping
  • All the shipping capacity you need
  • And more

Fast Shipments Guaranteed

When the industries and individuals in our community want their belongings transferred from point A to B swiftly, they look to us for assistance. When your intermodal containers are able to transfer from one mode of transportation to another, you’re subject to fewer delays. In this fast-paced world, what could be better than a fast-paced delivery service?

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Shipping Services Tailored to You 

As many people know, truckload shipping is not ideal for everyone. There are those whose shipments need more space. Thankfully, intermodal containers have the capacity to accommodate shipments of all sizes. With a 53’ capacity, vast quantities of inventory, building materials, or personal belongings will be able to fit in the same container without issue.

Intermodal transport is about meeting the demands of the client while reducing liabilities and boosting overall transport efficiency. With the help of our logistics services and our 25-ton containers, we won’t just meet expectations—we will exceed them.

Transport Your Freight Through Us

Are you tired of working with shipping companies that expect you to do as much heavy lifting and problem-solving as they do? Are you eager to see what difference a little professionalism can make? If so, pick up the phone and contact the offices of our long-celebrated intermodal trucking company.

Here we don’t just take care of precious cargo—we take care of our clients. Call us at (828) 506-3112 to book our services today.